What means surface dive?

What are the 3 surface dives?

There are several surface dives used by skin divers to get below the surface. The most popular are the pike, tuck, and feet-first dives.

What is Crouch surface dive?

Sport: Diving. The diver gets into a crouched position and curls the toes of the front foot around the edge of the pool with the other foot placed slightly behind to gain stability. The arms and hands are pointed at the entry point with the head tucked in.

How do you surface dive feet first?


Co-ordinate with reaching both arms out of the water. As a result of the kick the body rises out of the water. Body is now streamlined and then sinks. Tuck forward to swim using large breaststroke arm and leg movements.

What is a headfirst surface dive?

Head First Surface Dive

Without stopping, scoop downward with your arms as you bend at the waist and lift your legs into the air. Then extend your arms in front of your head. The object is to point your entire body toward the bottom with your legs above the surface.

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