What happened to Kino’s canoe?

What happened to the canoe in the Pearl?

It has been passed down from his grandfather to his father and then to Kino and represents their way of life. Later, when the canoe is destroyed, so is Kino’s life. In fact the killing of the canoe is considered more important than killing a man: “This was an evil beyond thinking.

What happened to Kino and Juanas house?

Kino realizes that Juana is right, and they resolve to flee. While Juana runs back to the brush house to grab Coyotito, Kino returns to the beach to ready his canoe for the escape. As he runs toward the fire, Juana meets him with Coyotito in her arms. She confirms that their house has been burned down completely.

What has happened to Kino’s canoe Why is the damage so devastating?

Why is the damage so devastating? Kino’s canoe was destroyed. The damage was devastating because it was an heirloom, passed down from his grandfather, as well, Kino had planned to use the canoe to travel to the capital to sell his pearl.

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How does Kino feel about his canoe?

Kino, discovering that his canoe has been destroyed, feels that the “killing of a man was not so evil as the killing of a boat.” We have seen earlier that the boat is a symbol of the family, its heritage and its power to continue.

Did Kino beat his wife?

Kino loses his self-respect as a husband by beating Juana, his integrity as a law-abiding citizen by killing his attacker, his birthright in the form of the destroyed canoe, and his home, burned to the ground by an arsonist.

Why did Juana immediately forgive Kino?

Why does Juana immediately forgive Kino for his treatment of her? She knows she could not survive without him. What happened to Kino after he left Juana on the beach? He was ambushed, and he killed the attacker.

What does Juana do with the dead man’s body?

As Kino drives his knife into one of his attackers, the men knock the pearl from his grasp. … In the next instant, Juana realizes that Kino has killed the man slumped by his side. Juana drags the dead body into the brush and then helps Kino, who moans about losing his pearl.

Why did Kinos house burn?

Unfortunately, one of Kino’s enemies ruined his sacred canoe to prevent him from fleeing the village. Kino then runs towards his house and discovers that it is on fire. Juana ends up meeting him with Coyotito in her arms and says that the entire house was ransacked before their enemies set it ablaze.

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Why did Kino throw the pearl away?

Kino tells the doctor that he will pay him once he has sold his pearl. The neighbors tell the doctor that Kino has found the Pearl of the World and will be a rich man. … Juana tells Kino that the pearl is evil and will destroy them. She tells him to throw it away or break it, for it will destroy them.

Why does Kino consider his canoe to be so valuable?

In chapter 2, Kino’s most valued possession is his canoe.

Kino’s canoe not only represents his family and their tribal way of living but is also a source of food. Without the canoe, Kino cannot feed his family or make a living, which is why in Kino’s seaside village a man’s canoe is his most prized possession.

Why is Kino more convinced than ever?

Why is Kino more convinced than ever that the pearl is of great value? He is convinced that the pearl is of great value because people would not be trying to steal it if it was valueless.

Why will it not matter that Kino killed the man in self defense?

Why will it not matter that Kino killed the man in self-defense? It will not matter because Kino is a poor person and no wealthy people support him. … This signifies that the person coming after them it downright evil and wants to completely destroy Kino and his family.