What are the holes in a sit on top kayak?

Should my kayak have holes in the bottom?

They actually release water that could into your craft via waves or sloppy paddling, so they are helping to keep you afloat. Don’t worry, these holes at the bottom of your boat won’t leave you sunk. Most kayaks will have about four scupper holes as this is thought to be the safest amount.

How do you get out of a sit on top kayak?

The first thing you will need to do is flip your kayak back over to the correct position. To do this you’ll need to position yourself at the side of your kayak, near the center, where your seat is. Reach across to the opposite side of your upside-down kayak and grab the edge with both hands. Now pull towards you.

Are kayak drain plugs universal?

If you are someone who goes kayaking regularly and owns your own kayak then you really need to have kayak plugs. These plugs ensure that your kayak remains sealed so water doesn’t seep inside. They fit in perfectly and most have a universal fit which ensures that they can be used on many different kayak models.

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