How do you put on a spearfishing wetsuit?

How do you put on a wetsuit?

Turn the offending wetsuit completely inside out, and put one foot through the ankle of the reversed suit. Roll the suit up your leg slowly, and repeat with the other leg, the torso, and finally the arms. If convenient, jump into the water with the wetsuit and pull the suit on in the water.

How tight should an open cell wetsuit be?

The point is it should fit everywhere with no “pockets” under the arm pits, and a good fit at the wrists and ankles, the hood should be snug at the neck and around the fac ,without being over tight there.

How do you wash an open cell wetsuit?

It’s always a good idea to soak your wetsuit in some cold water or rinse it off with a hose first. Then use a quality wetsuit shampoo wash to soak your suit in for around 10 minutes. This will help to wash away any excess salts or chemicals that could degrade your neoprene.

What size am I in a wetsuit?

Men’s O’Neill Wetsuit & Rashguard Size Chart

Sizes Height Weight (lbs)
MS 5’6.5″ – 5’8.5″ 145 – 165
MT 6’1″ – 6’3″ 160 – 180
L 5’10” – 6′ 170 – 190
LS 5’7.5″ – 5’9.5″ 160 – 180
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