Do shade sails need council approval?

Do you need consent for a shade sail?

A building consent is usually not required for shade sails (and their structural supports) no larger than 50 square metres in size, and no closer than 1 metre to a legal boundary.

Do I need a permit for shade sail Victoria?

A building permit is not required for a pergola, shade structure or shade sail provided it is not more than 3.6m in height, it is located no further forward than 2.5m of the front wall of the existing dwelling and it has a floor area not exceeding 20m2, for example 5m x 4m. … They must have a building permit.

Do I need council approval for a shade sail in SA?

If you’re planning on getting a shade sail, it is important to consider the council approvals and planning permissions you’ll need. … Generally, you don’t need development permission to build a shade sail on your residential property in and around Adelaide, but there are exceptions.

Do you need council approval for shade sails Gold Coast?

Generally, all shade sails need building approval. The exception is small, low shade sails less than 2.4 metres high (2.1 metres mean height), 10 square metres, 5.0 metres long and not located in any setback areas.

Do I need council approval for a concrete slab Qld?

Generally, approval from Council is not required. However, you must consider boundary setbacks, site coverage and height requirements, and whether it may be over or in close proximity to sewerage or other infrastructure.

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Does an awning need planning permission?

If you are installing a brand new commercial awning, then it is highly likely that you will require planning permission to do so because it is considered to affect members of the public. This is especially true in the case of high-street establishments where the awning will extend over pedestrians and the pavement.

Are shade sails permanent?

Patios, Pergolas and Shade Sails

Both these types of structures are permanent shade structures, which require a building permit and a special development approval to be constructed.