You asked: What does a poo diver do?

What do divers do underwater?

Commercial divers perform wreck surveys; submarine rescue operations; welding and cutting operations on pipelines, bridges, and platforms; and inspections of piers, platforms, breakwaters, dams, nuclear power plants, and sewer discharge lines. They also salvage valuable or polluting cargo from sunken ships.

How much money do nuclear divers make?

The pay typically starts at about $30,000 USD annually, however, the most experienced atomic divers can make more than $100,000 per year. The work is sensitive and stressful, which could explain why many commercial divers would rather work on offshore oil rigs than commute to a local nuclear power plant for work.

Do sewers smell bad?

Sewer gas produces a very distinct rotten egg smell, caused when organic materials break down and decompose to form hydrogen sulfide. If you’re unsure about the smell coming from your drains or sewers, call a licensed plumber who can perform an inspection or clear and clean blockages.

How deep are sanitary sewer lines?

Minimum depth of sanitary sewer lines shall be six (6) feet measured from the top of pipe to finished grade.

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