You asked: Does upright rows work rear delts?

Do upright rows work deltoids?

If you’re looking to increase shoulder and upper back strength, look no further than the upright row. This exercise targets the traps, which span the upper to mid back, and the deltoids, which wrap around your shoulder.

What part of shoulders do upright rows work?

The upright row is a great movement to increase the muscular size and strength of the shoulders, specifically the anterior and lateral heads of the deltoid. This is key for lifters looking to gain size and strength in the deltoids for pressing movements or for general development.

Are upright rows enough for side delts?

It’s good at working your side delts, but not great. If your goal is to build the widest shoulders you possibly can, the upright row is a good assistance exercise. However, there are other movements (like the lateral raise) that do a better job of targeting the side delts more effectively.

How many rear delt exercises should I do?

If used as a warm-up, 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions will suffice. If used as a finisher, 25-30 reps will have your rear delts and upper back screaming!

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