Which grip is best for Bent over row?

Is underhand or overhand better for rows?

Overhand barbell rows tend to naturally bow a persons elbows out and make for more muscle activation in the upper back, rhomboids, and traps. Underhand rows work more of the lats. … If you lack wrist flexibility it will lead to the elbows flaring, which can then lead to a greater risk of injury in the elbow and shoulder.

Does grip matter for Bent over row?

Your grip should just be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. The bent-over position can potentially cause a little discomfort or even risk of injury, so it’s important to use proper form. The form is also extremely important with bent-over dumbbell rows, so it’s vital you choose the right amount of weight.

Which row is best for back?

Bent-Over Barbell Row

The bent-over barbell row is the best back movement in terms of sheer weight a person can lift. It equally works the larger muscle groups of the lower and upper back, making this exercise a great overall back builder.

Do bent over rows work traps?

The Dumbbell Bent Over Row is a great exercise to work the back muscles (lats, traps, rhomboids & rear delts).

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What does a bent over row target?

To recap: bent-over rows offer serious bang for your buck when it comes to targeting the back, as well as other ‘pulling muscles’, including the: Latissumus dorsi (run down the sides of your back) Rhomboids (upper and mid-back) Trapezius (upper back)

How many bent over rows should I do?

Because it lends itself to training heavy, the bent-over barbell row is usually performed for sets of 6 to 12 reps, but it can be done for higher rep ranges to train the endurance of the lower back and core.

How effective are bent over rows?

The Barbell Row, or Barbell Bent-Over Row, is a strength exercise that works the back muscles. It’s a challenging lift to perform, but it’s one of the most effective exercises for building back strength and size if done correctly.

Is wide grip row better?

In a wide row, your hands stay high and wide, targeting your trapezius and rhomboid muscles as well as the rear deltoid muscles at the back of your shoulders. … Since the latissimus dorsi tend to be stronger than the other back muscles, you’ll be able to use more resistance for your close rows.

Which muscles are primarily involved in the wide grip bent over row?

wide-grip bent-over row is a free weights exercise that primarily targets the middle back and to a lesser degree also targets the biceps, forearms, lats, lower back and shoulders.