Where does Kayak get its data?

What database does KAYAK use?

Travel website Kayak.com uses a do-it-yourself online database to help keep millions of users happy, without employing a single customer-service representative.

Can KAYAK be trusted?

KAYAK is reliable because it is constantly updating current deals. Once you find a good deal, KAYAK redirects you to book directly with the airline, car agency, hotel, or third-party travel site. To present interesting and reliable traveling information to its users, KAYAK uses the following tools: Price Predictor.

How does KAYAK generate revenue?

Kayak earns revenue through advertising and distribution sources. Travel suppliers and agencies provide distribution revenue to Kayak when users are referred to their sites through Kayak’s search engine. Besides the primary Kayak service, Kayak also operates six other brands.

How do travel sites get data?

Travel aggregator sites rely on online travel agencies, hotel and flight company websites to pull the data to be shown for user queries. Online travel aggregator websites help the users get an overall picture of the rates and availability across multiple vendors without actually visiting different websites.

Does Trivago use web scraping?

With our Trivago web scraping services, you don’t require to have any programming skills. You can easily customize the workflow for accommodating scraping from all types of websites. Our Trivago web scraping services are easy to use and our customer support is also available in case you have any problem.

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Is Kayak a secure website?

Kayak is as safe as other travel websites. It protects your personal and payment information, and does not require you to share it with any additional parties. Because Kayak books through its partners, users never need to actually book with Kayak, nor are they ever required to enter payment information.

Is Kayak the best travel site?

There’s one major difference between Kayak and Google Flights, and it’s what makes Kayak the clear winner: Kayak finds cheaper flights. In 20 tests of flights all around the world and at different times of the year, Kayak found cheaper flights more often — sometimes by only $2, other times by greater amounts.

How much is kayak worth?

Kayak Is Worth $850 Million But Google Is A Big Concern.