Where can I snorkel in Sims 4?

Can you snorkel in Sims 4?

Snorkeling is not something you can do everywhere. Unfortunately you need to head to a buoy to do this, and you won’t be able to follow your Sim underwater. … The buoys over deep water allow Scuba and Free Diving.

How do you snorkel in Sulani?

Look for a buoy in the water.

When you select that option, your sim will automatically begin to snorkel. It’s a non-interactive activity, so you only get to watch while your sim perform the snorkeling.

Can Sims WooHoo in Ocean?

13 Waterfall

Island Living is an expansion pack that added a ton to the game. It added mermaids, allowed Sims to swim in the ocean, gave us new traits, and more! … Now, Sims can even WooHoo in the waterfall on the island!

Is there a hidden world in Sulani?

In the newest expansion to The Sims 4, Island Living, we’re introduced to the island of Sulani, where there’s a bunch more to explore. Unfortunately, there’s no separate, new secret area here, but it’s still a nice location that makes for a fun little adventure.

Where is the waterfall in Sulani sims 4?

Thanks in advance. Easiest way to find it: travel to the sand bank lot with nothing built on it to the left of the shipwreck. From there you should see the waterfall straight North across the small lagoon, just have your sims swim there.

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Can you see underwater in sims 4 island living?

They can, however, access the free dive option and stay underwater for what seems like a much longer time than regular sims. They can also purchase the diving knife, treasure tool, and underwater camera which allows them to free dive for seashells, treasure, and take underwater photos respectively.

Who are the mermaids in Sims 4?

Nalani Mahi’ai is a pre-made mermaid who resides as a townie in Sulani, the world introduced in The Sims 4: Island Living. She appeared in many trailers, teasers and official renders for Island Living.

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Nalani Mahi’ai
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