What should be the appropriate recovery position of the arms in backstroke?

What should be observed in the backstroke arm pull entry?

The hand enters the water in front of the shoulder and with the pinky finger first. The arm extends forward for a short time before starting the first downsweep. The entry should be gentle to avoid pushing water downward and forward with the arm, which would increase drag.

What is the arm actions of backstroke?

In the backstroke, the arms perform alternating and opposite movements. One arm pulls backward in the water, from an extended forward position to outside the shoulder and then to the hip, performing an S-shaped movement and providing propulsion.

How deep should your hand go under water during the arm pull of backstroke?

Finish the push about 1.2-2ft below the surface of the water • Hand should be palm down at this point • Hands should be at a 40-deg angle in relation to the pull pattern, thus creating more propulsion due to the effect of lift than if they pushed straight backward and obtained propulsion due to the effect of drag (/ 40 …

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What are the 3 tips for improving underwater phase?

Start by swimming 15 m underwater as fast as possible. Try sets of 8 x 15 m wearing fins with 60” rest between intervals. When you have learned how to handle 15 m underwater perfectly, increase the distance to 25 m. Make sure your speed is right and that you are not gasping for air too much.

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Which kick is used for the backstroke?

The backstroke kick is a flutter kick. Its technique is similar to the kick used in the front crawl stroke, the difference being that you are swimming on the back.

What is the path for arm movement underwater look like?

The shape drawn by your hands in the water looks like a keyhole pattern: first, your hands separate during the outsweep, then they converge while moving below your chest, then they separate again and move towards the hips.

What finger should hit the water first on your arm stroke?

Arm action

Your little finger should enter the water first with your arm straight and your palm facing outwards. Your arm should pass by your ear before entering the water between the shoulder line and the centre line of the head.