What is the cost of Surf Excel?

How much does excel Surf cost?

₹180.00 FREE Delivery.

How much does will surf cost?

Wheel Powder, 1 kg ,Packaging Type: Packet, Rs 39 /piece SS Enterprises | ID: 20459342333.

Is Ariel better than Surf Excel?

Conclusion. I strongly recommend “Ariel” than Surf excel because, I personally experienced the uniqueness of both these detergents. Among these, Ariel consumes only less water and remove stains in short period of time while surf excel consumes huge water and take much time to remove tough stains.

What is the rate of 1 kg Surf Excel?

Blue Surf Excel, Pack Size: 1kg, Rs 108 /piece Chhaya Traders | ID: 18241296055.

Is Ariel Procter and Gamble?

Procter & Gamble is understood to be reversing its policy of axing laundry detergent sub-brands, with the planned launch of an extension to the Ariel range called Colour Plus. … But according to industry sources, P&G is now planning to test Ariel Colour Plus.

Is Surf Excel better than Tide?

In detergency (washing performance), active ingredients and ash built-up tests, Surf Excel Matic, Surf Excel Quick Wash, Tide and Active Wheel scored highest in their respective categories. The test findings reveal that the costliest detergents are the better cleaners.

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