Quick Answer: What does SOG mean in sailing?

What does SOG mean on simrad?

Speed Over Ground (SOG) is a digital reading that indicates your current ground speed (usually selectable in miles-per-hour, knots, or kilometers-per-hour).

What is SOG mph?

SOG = Speed over Ground – Your GPS is reading out the actual speed. Your speedo will pick up the effects of tide/current, so: Assuming you are making 20 MPH SOG, but bucking a 5 MPH current, your speedo could read 25 MPH even though your true speed is only 20 SOG.

What does SOG mean?


Acronym Definition
SOG Sign of God
SOG Speed over Ground
SOG Sous-Officiers de Gendarmerie (French: Deputy Police Officers)
SOG Standard Operating Guideline (fire safety)

What is the difference between course over ground and heading?

Course Over Ground (COG) is the actual direction of motion (the intended direction of travel). While heading is the direction in which a vehicle/vessel is pointing at any given moment (https://www.applanix.com/news/blog-course-heading-bearing/).

What is cog on speedometer?

A GPS speedometer is independent of the vehicle or vessel so it gives accurate readings without compromise. This gauge also provides an LCD COG(Course Over Ground) display which gives your true bearing.

What does cog mean on a GPS?

GPS Heading and Heading in the Garmin Marine Databar options are two different options that provide different information. GPS Heading supplies COG (course over ground). COG is the actual direction of the vessel’s progress between two points on the surface of the earth.

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How does Simrad autopilot work?

An autopilot computer is the brains of your Simrad Continuum autopilot system. It continuously monitors data from compasses, rudder feedback units and other on-board instruments, and steers to your chosen heading or course. An autopilot computer also includes the electronics required to operate your drive unit.

What does TWA mean in sailing?

In addition, there is the term TWA (True Wind Angle) which is the angle between the boat’s heading and the true wind direction (TWD).

What does TWS mean in sailing?

Apparent wind differs in speed and direction from the true wind that is experienced by a stationary observer and composed of the true wind speed (TWS) and true wind direction (TWD) or the TWS and true wind angle (TWA) relative to the boat if it were stationary.

What measures speed over ground?

GPS speed, meaning Speed Over Ground (SOG), is a measure of our total speed over the surface of the earth, regardless of how that speed was accomplished, whether from our own propulsion, wind, currents, or any other source.

What is cog on Lowrance?

COG on the plotter tells you what course the boat has been on, the heading tells you what direction the bow is pointed.