Question: What does SRC stand for in Surf Life Saving?

What does SRC stand for nippers?

In your U14s Nippers you will partake in the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC). As nippers you have already begun your training to becoming lifesavers and your SRC is the next step on that journey.

What is a surf rescue certificate?

The Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) course is the introductory award for a patrolling surf lifesaver that can be achieved from the age of 13. This course helps to prepare participants for active patrolling duties that may include: rescue skills, first aid and resuscitation.

How long does a surf rescue certificate last?

A Surf Rescue certificate is required for all ASI Instructors: instructing in surf. The certificate date must not be expired. Certificates that are more than 2 years old are not accepted (even if the expiry date is longer).

What are the 4 P’s of Surf Life Saving?

Position, problem, people and progress.

What is SRC certificate?

Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)

The SRC provides members with skills and knowledge related to surf awareness, aquatic rescue operations, communication systems and equipment and resuscitation.

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How do you do a surf rescue?

In a rescue scenario, the lifesaver places the belt over their head and under one arm in a harness fashion, and then sprints to the ocean holding the tube in one hand. Once the water becomes too deep to run further, the rescuer throws the tube behind them and swims to the patient.

What do you do in Surf Life Saving?

What we do

  • On the Beach. Volunteer Surf Lifesavers. …
  • Surf Sports. Surf sports are a great way to not only improve your lifesaving skills but also to actively participate in a healthy lifestyle. …
  • Community Education. …
  • Supporting our Members. …
  • First Aid Training. …
  • Event Services.

What is surf bronze?

The Bronze Medallion is the core award for active surf lifesavers. … All skills taught in this course combine to help the candidate become an essential member of the surf life saving team. You must be 15 years and over on the date of your examination to qualify for the award.

How do you get a bronze medallion?

To commence training for the Bronze Medallion you must: • be a financial member of an SLS club • be at least 15 years of age on the final assessment date • complete an unaided swim of 400 m in 8 minutes or less (goggles and masks permitted) in a swimming pool of not less than 25 m, or over a measured open water course …

How do you get a silver medallion?

Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue

  1. be at least 16 years of age on the date of final assessment.
  2. complete a 400 m swim in 8 minutes or less in a swimming pool of no less than 25 m length.
  3. hold and be proficient in the SLSA Bronze Medallion and hold the Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)
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Can SLS radios be safely used in thunderstorms?

Avoid the use of portable radios and mobile telephones during a thunderstorm. If emergency calls are required keep them brief. i. Avoid the use of telephones, radios, fax machines, computers and other electrical equipment.

Can radios be safely used in thunderstorms?

Thunderstorms produce significant amounts of atmospheric noise which appears as background static in HF broadcasts. In extreme storms this can drown out voice transmissions, making communication challenging. … Broadcasted on lower radio frequencies (the communication bands used at night).

How do you make contact with your SLS state Centre’s surf lifesaving communication Centre?

In an EMERGENCY call 9471 8092 or Triple-0 (000). For all general enquiries including any Coronavirus related queries please contact the SLSNSW Head Office on (02) 9471 8000.