Question: Is Zuma Beach good for surfing?

Does Zuma Beach have good waves?

Zuma Beach

This beach is most known as the filming location for Baywatch, but it’s also a great place for summer surfing. The swells here are great for beginner and intermediate surfers who are eager to learn, but on occasion, the waves can get to 20 feet high.

How much is parking at Zuma Beach?

There is ample parking at Zuma Beach in the county managed parking lot. While other beaches mostly have day rates (Winter $3.00 to $8.00; Summer $3.00 to $10.00) on Zuma there are now meters which charge by the 10 minute increment, up to a max charge for 90 minutes.

Is Malibu good for beginner surfing?

Location: Malibu, California. The Surfrider Beach in Malibu is one of the most popular beginner surfing spots in all of California. Located in between the Malibu Lagoon and and Malibu Pier, it’s one of the most easily accessible beaches out there.

Is Huntington Beach good for surfing?

There is a good reason why Huntington Beach reigns as the official Surf City USA. Our consistent year-round swell, coupled with our vibrant deep-rooted surf culture, makes our 10-mile coast a surfer’s paradise.

What is the water temperature at Zuma Beach?

Today’s Zuma Beach sea temperature is 61 °F.

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