Is it safe to swim at Cable Beach?

Can you swim in Broome beach?

The general rule is that you can swim in Broome during the dry season. The reason is that Irukandji and box jellyfish are not active in colder waters. Once the water temperature is over 28 degrees you should definitely stay out of the water. … Here is some more information about Irukandji at Broome beaches.

Is Cable Beach open to public?

Cable Beach still closed. Gantheaume Point open for swimming.

What is the best time of year to visit Broome?

The best time to visit Broome, weatherwise: April to November. The cheapest time to visit Broome: The wet season offers the best deals and the cheapest prices. To avoid the torrential rain, travel early in the peak season between March and April.

Are there sharks in Cable Beach?

A large shark was spotted close to Cable Beach and reported three times in recent weeks by a pilot. A leading shark expert says shark sightings do not predict shark attack risk. Cable Beach’s patrolled swimming area was closed three times in the second half of this year due to shark sightings.

Can you swim with saltwater crocodiles?

Saltwater crocodiles only live in salt water. False – they can be found more than 200km up river from the coast in freshwater habitats. Saltwater crocodiles don’t like fast flowing water. … Saltwater crocodiles don’t like beaches and you’re safe to swim there.

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Why is Cable Beach closed?

Authorities have closed Broome’s famous Cable Beach, in northern Western Australia, after a surfer’s board was bitten by an unidentified shark this morning.

Can I camp on Cable Beach?

The temporary trial of free camping by fully self-contained RVs in the Broome Surf Club Car Park at Cable Beach, which was endorsed by Council in May, will also commence on July 1. This will allow conditional free camping in the southern section of the Cable Beach Surf Club carpark for a maximum of three nights.