How much does it cost to add a wakeboard tower?

How hard is it to install a wakeboard tower?

Installation was easy, but you will need a helper. I strongly suggest beefing up the mounting points on the deck. Other than that, you just have to be willing to drill holes in an otherwise perfectly good boat.

Can you add a tower to a boat?

First developed for ski boats and V-drive tow boats, wakeboard towers have since migrated to all sorts of craft, including runabouts and deck boats. … Adding a universal tower from companies such as Aerial Wakeboarding Products (aerial​ or Monster Tower ( is relatively easy.

Can you put a wake tower on an outboard boat?

You can wakeboard behind an outboard because the wakeboard rope stretches more than 65 feet behind the boat. If you take the necessary precautions and you do not come close to the boat, you are safe.

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