Frequent question: Where can I surf in Doheny?

Is Doheny Beach good for beginner surfers?

Doheny State Beach

Though technically located in Capo Beach beyond the northern-border of San Clemente, this is one of the best beginner surfing beaches around. The small waves and long breaks are ideal for longboards and allow many surfers to catch the same wave (and it’s expected at this beginner spot).

What are the waves like at Doheny?

Current Surf Report for Doheny State Beach Current Conditions

  • 1.4ft at 17s.
  • Secondary Swell. 1.8ft at 11s.
  • Wind Swell. 0.3ft at 16s.
  • Clear Air 72°f Sea 68 °f.

Is Dana Point good for surfing?

Known as the birthplace of U.S. surf culture, Dana Point offers world-class surfing options for beginners, intermediate surfers, and experts. Doheny State Beach, California’s first state beach, is a perfect spot for beginner surfers. The longer waves at San Onofre State Beach are perfect for longboarders.

Is Salt Creek beach good for surfing?

According to, Salt Creek has more consistent surf and more chances to catch a wave. We tracked the local surf update each day, and it seems the surf for Salt Creek was typically better than the surf found on T-street based on wave height, wind, and difficulty.

Is San Onofre good for beginner surfers?

San Onofre State Beach, San Clemente, California

Known by locals as “San O” or “Old Man’s Beach,” San Onofre State Beach has been an essential spot for beginner surfers since the 1930s. … Beginning surfers can enjoy gliding along these waves all day, riding the gentle motion of the tide.

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Can you surf at Crystal Cove?

The 3.2-mile stretch of the Crystal Cove State Park shoreline is popular among local surfers but gets good breaks only under perfect weather conditions. … The beach is considered a reef break where locals surf, said Joel Yamasaki, a lifeguard, while other surfers prefer more sandy beaches.