Frequent question: How wide is a tandem jet ski trailer?

Will a double jet ski trailer fit in a garage?

If you have a 9′ garage door you should be able to just fit a double trailer. Most of them are around 8-8.5′ wide. It may take a little time to learn to back them into place.

How wide is a Seadoo trailer?

Dimensions: Total weight 600 kg, 447 cm overall length, 160 cm overall width.

How wide is a double jet ski trailer with skis?

Do you have one or two Kawasaki watercraft? The width of the double trailer itself will be very close to 102″ as that is the maximum allowable width for trailers without a special permit. 102″ is 8.5 feet wide.

How far apart are jet ski bunks?

Jet Boat Lover

I measured the inside width of the front trailer bunks at the furthest point from the hitch to be 23″. I set the bunks on the lift to be 23″ (inside distance) at the front and 36″ (inside distance) on the rear.

Can you haul one jet ski on a double trailer?

Yes, a double trailer can haul one jet ski just fine. … I’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of single jet skis on one side of a double jet ski trailer and never had an issue. You should still take proper precautions and tie down the front and rear of the jet ski to the trailer.

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How much is a double jet ski trailer worth?

A new jet ski trailer can cost $700-$9,000 depending on the size and the model. Single jet ski trailers cost around $700-$1,500, while you should expect to pay around $2,000-$3,000 for a new double jet ski trailer.

How much weight can a jet ski trailer hold?

Normally a jet ski trailer weighs 200-300 pounds and has a load capacity up to 1,000 pounds. Of course, these numbers vary depending on the material, size, and a few other factors. If you need to tow multiple PWC, then you may require a larger, heavier trailer.