Your question: What does Kino find while diving for pearls?

What does Kino find when he dives for pearls?

Juana prays that Kino will find a pearl as he dives under water. Kino finds a very large oyster apart from the others that excites them. When they open it, they find a perfectly shaped silver pearl as big as a ‘sea-gull’s egg’.

What did Kino find?

Juana prays silently that Kino will find a pearl in the water big enough to pay a doctor. Once in the canoe, Kino paddles them out amongst the other pearlers already in the water. The oyster bed below them is littered with cracked, opened shells, the pearls of which once made the King of Spain wealthy.

What happens when Kino finds the pearl?

Later, Kino goes pearl-diving in the hopes of finding a valuable pearl. He finds a mega-valuable pearl. Immediately he dreams of marrying Juana properly in a church, paying for Coyotito’s education, and buying a rifle.

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For what does Juana pray while Kino dives for pearls?

For what does Juana pray while Kino dives for pearls? … She prays that they will find a pearl in order to pay the doctor to treat Coyotito.

What happens to Coyotito soon after Kino finds the pearl?

16. After Kino finds the great pearl, what happens to Coyotito? The poison was receding from his body. Think about what has happened in the story so far.

What does the doctor say when he hears about Kino’s pearl?

How does the Doctor react when he hears the news of Kino’s pearl? The doctor grew stern and judicious. He goes and “treats” Coyotio, but all he wants is money. You just studied 18 terms!

Should Kino sell the pearl?

Kino did not sell his pearl for fifteen hundred pesos because, as an experienced pearl diver, he knew that his pearl was worth much more. The pearl merchants, however, are working for one main buyer who pays them a salary rather than a portion of the profit.

Why does Kino want to sell the pearl?

Upon hearing this news, Kino quickly removes the pearl from consideration. … Protesting that he has been cheated, Kino announces a plan to sell his pearl in the capital city. His outburst raises the bid to fifteen hundred pesos, but Kino will have none of it.

What religion is Kino in the pearl?

The community in which Kino and his family live is dominated by the Roman Catholic Church. The priest is extremely influential in the affairs of the town. Kino and Juana are firm believers in the involvement of God in their lives, yet their belief is also mixed with some superstition.

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Who is Kino afraid of?

What are Kino’s fears? That someone will steal the pearl. He feared the doctor and didn’t trust him. He was afraid of making plans, but now that he had one, he could never destroy it.

Who killed Coyotito?

Kino hides Juana and Coyotito in a cave and goes after the trackers. Kino fights them and kills one of them, after they had fired a gun shot towards the mountain. Without knowing it at the time, the bullet struck and killed Coyotito.

Did Kino beat his wife?

Kino loses his self-respect as a husband by beating Juana, his integrity as a law-abiding citizen by killing his attacker, his birthright in the form of the destroyed canoe, and his home, burned to the ground by an arsonist.

Why did Juana ask God for a pearl?

Juana’s prayer suggests a belief not in divine miracles but in luck. It also shows her acceptance of, or defeat by, the capitalist system—she wishes for a pearl that will provide the means to purchase the healing powers of a doctor.

Why does Juana not get rid of the Pearl?

Given a second opportunity after finding the pearl on the sand, why does Juana not get rid of it? She does not get rid of it because she sees Kino and another man lying on the sand of the beach. The man is dead but Kino is alive. They only had to save themselves.

Why does Juana look away when Kino comes up with the oyster?

Finding one is an accident, simply good luck from God. … Juana senses his excitement and so looks away; expecting too much might drive away the luck. Kino doesn’t want to start with the big Papa Bear Oyster, but after opening one pithy pair of shells with his knife he looks at it again.

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