Your question: How long do wetsuits last for?

Do wetsuits get tighter over time?

If you’re wondering whether a too small suit will stretch out to fit better over time, the answer is no. If you’re wondering about the shelf life of a wetsuit then yes, over time, heavily stretched areas, like the armpit, thin out from wear. Wetsuits are made from a synthetic rubber called neoprene.

How long does a Rip Curl wetsuit last?

All companies offer a 1-year warranty on materials and some include lifetime on workmanship, but 999 times out of 1000 it’s the materials that deteriorate first. So, my answer is this: one year — that is the reasonable life-span of a surfing wetsuit.

Are wetsuits worth fixing?

Tears bigger than a few inches may require professional repair services. If the stitches or seams are torn it may also be a good idea to take your suit to a professional for repairs. Before repairing your wetsuit make sure that it is clean and dry.

Can you wear a wetsuit all day?

No, to wetsuits all day, just for certain activities. Otherwise a light life saving vest is used. over a year ago. You normally have to wear your wetsuit when you go into the water.

What size am I in a wetsuit?

Billabong Mens Wetsuit Size Chart

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SIZE HEIGHT (cm/in) WEIGHT (kg/lb)
ST 173-183 5’8″-6’0″ 66-73kg 145-160lbs
MS 168-175 5’6″-5’9″ 66-73kg 145-160lbs
M 175-180 5’9″-5’11” 70-77kg 155-170lbs
MT 180-185 5’11”-6’1″ 75-82kg 165-180lbs

How many times can you wear a wetsuit?

If you hit the waves almost every day, a high-performance stretchy surfing wetsuit can last a maximum of one year. After which, it may lose some of its elasticity. But, if you are an occasional surfer and wear it only when you get the chance, it may last a year or two.

Can you wear a wetsuit in a pool?

You can swim in a wetsuit in a pool, especially if you are looking for some added buoyancy or warmth. … Wetsuit vests, short johns, and even triathlon wetsuits may be perfect for those who tend to get cold in the water.

Does it matter if my wetsuit has a hole?

If the holes go through your wetsuit, it might take on water as you swim. Or you also might run the risk of further tearing the neoprene without taking care of it now. Typically you’ve gotta do a lot of pulling to get your wetsuit on properly and a tiny hole can turn into a big one if you’re not careful.