Your question: Can you put your wetsuit in the dryer?

How can I dry my wetsuit fast?

Take a plastic hanger, slide the top or bottom of the suit through, and hang it doubled-up, inside-out in the shower or the garage. Or somewhere in the shade if you absolutely must hang it outside. 3) Turn the suit inside out each day until it’s dry.

Can I throw my wetsuit in the dryer?

Please do not place your wetsuit in the dryer, even on a low temperature tumble dry setting. I know a lot forums may say this is ok, but it’s not. Temperatures above 80°F can damage seams by weakening the glue.

Can I put neoprene in the dryer?

You should never dry your neoprene in a dryer. Hang it up to air dry. The trick is that it shouldn’t be allowed to air dry in the direct sunlight, as UV rays can cause your neoprene to break down faster.

How long does it take for wetsuit to dry?

So, how do you dry a wetsuit? Hang it up, folded at the waistline inside out in indirect sunlight or in a warm, ventilated place. Leave your wetsuit to drip dry for 6 to 12 hours, depending on how warm it is and turn it inside out at the halfway point and leave it to dry again.

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How much is a dry suit?

A dry suit will be one of your largest investments as diver. You can get into a decent entry level suit for around $1500 (USD). This may not cover the cost of an undergarment, so make sure to ask your sales person what accessories are included with the suit and which ones you will need to add to the overall cost.

Should you dry your wetsuit inside out?

Dry Your Wetsuit

Just like rinsing, you should dry both the inside and the outside of your wetsuit. But start with the inside first. (If you hit the beach again before the wetsuit is completely dry, at least the inside won’t be damp.) Get a strong, wide hanger and drape the wetsuit over the hanger by its waist.

Can I put my wetsuit in the washing machine?

People sometimes question, ‘can you wash a wetsuit in hot water or in a washing machine’, but this should be avoided as washing neoprene at hot temperatures can reduce flexibility. … Scrunch up your wetsuit or put it away before it’s completely dry.

How do you dry and clean a wetsuit?

But if your wetsuit gets smelly, wash your wetsuit in a tub of fresh, warm water (not hot). Use one of the special wetsuit soaps or a small amount of baby shampoo. Gently wash it by hand. Rinse your wetsuit thoroughly to get all the detergent off, and then dry your wetsuit on a suitable hanger in the fresh air.

How long does neoprene take to dry?

When there’s no more water to squeeze out, you should leave the suit to dry on its own. If it’s made of neoprene, it’ll take about an hour or two. It depends on the thickness and if it’s a full body suit or some other type.

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Can you tumble dry neoprene?

Let’s be clear: under no circumstances should you tumble dry your neoprene. Extreme heat will melt the fabric and render you a blubbering mess on your laundry room floor. To avoid this thoroughly emosh’ experience, allow your neoprene clothes to dry flat on a towel or hang them by their ribbon tags on coat hangers.

Can you put neoprene gloves in the dryer?

Never, ever put your wetsuit or wetsuit gloves/boots/etc. in a washer and dryer. Also, keep them out of direct sunlight. … You’ll also want to wring out the boots using a dry towel which will force out as much residual water as possible.