You asked: Can you spearfishing with scuba gear in Australia?

Is it illegal to spearfishing with scuba gear in Australia?

It’s important you are a competent freediver if you wish to go spearfishing. It’s legal to use compressed air, i.e. scuba gear, while you spearfish in Victoria. (It’s illegal in most other states.)

Can you spearfishing with scuba gear in Western Australia?

Spearfishing is a method of fishing where the person dives in the ocean and hunts fish with the aid of a speargun and various other equipment. Spearfishing mostly occurs while freediving on Apnea (breath hold) however it can occur whilst on Scuba although it is illegal in all states except WA.

Do you have to be scuba certified to Spearfish?

Whether you decide to spearfish by freediving or on scuba, you need to get the proper training. This statement could not be more important to abide by. If done correctly with proper training, spearfishing is a fun, rewarding and a safe sport. If done without proper training it can be deadly.

Are spearguns legal in Australia?

Use of fish spears and spear guns while using any underwater breathing apparatus like hookahs or SCUBA is prohibited. It is an offence to take or attempt to take rock lobster with a spear gun or any other pointed instrument. Divers are not allowed to carry a hand spear or spear gun that uses an explosive cartridge.

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Can you spear Wobbegong?

Wobbegongs are managed mainly as part of the commercial and ocean trap line restricted fishery. Maximum bag size limits for recreational fishing (angling as well as spearfishing) is the only regulation currently existing.

Is spearing fish legal?

California. In California commercial spearfishing is illegal while only recreational spearfishing is permitted under a license. You can both spearfish in saltwater or freshwater, but you’ll need different licenses for both.

How deep do you have to dive to Spearfish?

The Average Spearfishing Depth

How deep each diver can go is dependent on the diver. With that said, most spearfishers tend to stick to depths between 5-25 meters.

Do you need a licence for a speargun WA?

The most commonly required licence is the Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence or RFBL. The RFBL entitles the holder to access their daily bag limit when fishing, including crabbing or spearfishing, from a powered boat. … You can buy or renew recreational licences online, or at a Department of Fisheries office.

Do you need license for speargun?

Spearfishers in NSW are required to pay the NSW recreational fishing fee. … Please note: All inland waters are closed to spearfishing as well as various areas along the coast. For further information please visit the spearfishing closures page or view the recreational spearfishing primefact.

Do you need a licence to fish in the Swan River?

Generally fishing is fine along the river from Fremantle to the upper reaches – there maybe restrictions at certain places however those locations have signage. You may need a fishing licence and certainly need to be aware of minimum size for each species and the number of fish that can be caught each day.

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How do you train to Spearfish?

Holding your breath aka freediving for spearfishing basics

  1. Don’t over breathe.
  2. Spend at least twice your breath-hold time on the surface breathing between dives.
  3. Always have a dive partner (buddy) in the water (training and spearfishing)