Who was the best swimmer before Michael Phelps?

Who is the best swimmer in history?

Top 10 Swimmers of All Time

  1. Mark Spitz, born 1950.
  2. Michael Phelps, born 1985.
  3. Â 3. Ian Thorpe, born 1982.
  4. Aleksandr Popov, born 1971.
  5. Pieter van den Hoogenband, born 1978.
  6. Johnny Weissmuller, born 1904 – died 1984.
  7. Grant Hackett, born 1980.
  8. Krisztina Egerszegi, born 1974.

Who was the best freestyle swimmer of all time?

1 Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is referred to as the “GOAT” in swimming. He is a former American swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time. Nobody comes close to his tally of medals in the Olympics(28). Phelps also holds the all-time record for Olympic gold medals which is 23.

Who is the second greatest swimmer of all time?

Mark Spitz. The second greatest male Olympic swimmer of all time.

Which is the only style in which swimmers are face up in the water?

Lifesaving approach stroke (also known as head-up front crawl or Tarzan stroke): Similar to the front crawl, but with the eyes to the front above the water level, such as to observe the surroundings as for example a swimmer in distress or a ball.

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