Who is stronger Silver Surfer or Thanos?

Can Superman defeat Silver Surfer?

But as Superman found when he first fought Doomsday, he can be beaten by a foe who is simply more powerful than he is. Silver Surfer is significantly faster than Superman which would give him a significant edge in a battle, despite the two being, arguably, equally strong.

Can the Hulk beat Galactus?

This towering, godlike being survived the destruction of the previous universe and became a primordial force in the current one. Oddly enough, Hulk might actually be able to hit Galactus hard enough that he notices that he’s been hit.

Can Zeus beat Hulk?

The Greek god takes all his anger out on the Hulk, decimating him with only a few punches. … With one epic punch, Zeus manages to break the Hulk from the inside out. Just like Prometheus before him, Hulk is chained to a rock to have his insides eaten by vultures as punishment for his audacity to challenge the gods.

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