Where did the Golden Hind sail from?

What happened to the original Golden Hind ship?

The vessel remained there for nearly 70 years where she eventually disintegrated due to the rains and weather and was broken up. Nothing remains of the ship except a chair carved from its timbers, which can be seen in the Bodleian Library in Oxford.

How big was the crew of the Golden Hind?

There were a total of 164 men in the Golden Hind fleet of ships. These were not just seamen. The ship’s company also included archers, musicians and gentlemen adventurers. There were also a number of relatives of Francis Drake who boarded the Golden Hind.

How do you get the Golden Hind in Uncharted 3?

The second Uncharted 3 the Golden Hind guide is for adult Nate. After the cut scene you will have to find some clue. From where you start go around the pillar and climb up the spears on the back. Keep following the path around then jump the gap to the golden head.

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