What is the left side of a kayak called?

What are the sides of a kayak called?

Basic Kayak Parts Explained

These basic features you’ll find on any kayak or canoe. Bow: The front end of the kayak, opposite the stern. Cockpit: The large opening or area where the paddler is seated. Deck: The top of the kayak.

What are the compartments for on a kayak?

Double Bulkheads

If you capsize and end up in the water, those sealed compartments will help to keep the boat afloat and allow you to re-enter the kayak safely, bail out the cockpit and carry on paddling. This is especially important when you are paddling more than swimming distance from shore.

What is a gunwale on a kayak?

Gunwales (pronounced “gunnels”, sometimes referred to as “rails”) are the part of the canoe that run along the top edge of the hull. Canoe manufacturers often offer gunwales in different materials, each with different advantages and disadvantages.

What is a gunnel on a kayak?

The gunwale (/ˈɡʌnəl/) is the top edge of the hull of a ship or boat. … On a canoe, the gunwale is typically the widened edge at the top of its hull, reinforced with wood, plastic or aluminum, to carry the thwarts.

What is the purpose of a bulkhead in a kayak?

The bulkheads create trapped air spaces inside of the kayak and the hatches allow access into those spaces. So small hatches provide quick and easy access to the necessities you need during the trip, like this day hatch.

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Should a kayak have a keel?

The purpose of the keel is to help the kayak go forward and keep it from turning side to side. A kayak with a defined keel will be faster and track better than a kayak without a large or defined keel. … Many smaller kayaks are not produced with the option to take a rudder as they are already fairly maneuverable.