What is the best rig for surf fishing?

What is a good surf fishing setup?

Surf Fishing Setup and Strategy

Have one pole rigged with a heavier rig for cut bait and one pole sporting a smaller rig for shrimp or squid. Use the larger rig to target larger species, and use the smaller rig to target smaller species. When it’s time to cast, walk into the water to maximize your casting distance.

Does line color matter for surf fishing?

The best color fishing line for surf fishing is clear. … Some fishermen love colored lines and other just use the clear ones. Some fish are much more sharp eyed than others and your choice of line will matter depending upon how sunny of a day it is.

Do I need a sinker for beach fishing?

Ideal for catching forage fish from the shore and fishing off the rocks. A Ball sinker isn’t too heavy and is a popular choice for beach fishing. It allows your bait to move with the current. Best way to tie this rig is with the sinker running on a trace.

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