What is a wedge surfing?

Have people died surfing the Wedge?

The explosive Wedge surf break in Newport Beach has left generations of daredevils with broken bones and concussions. On Friday, with waves topping 20 feet, it killed a man — a rare death at a place that would seem to invite it.

Why do we use a wedge?

Wedges are used to lift heavy objects, separating them from the surface upon which they rest. … They can also be used to separate objects, such as blocks of cut stone.

How do you survive a wedge?

Five tips for surviving Newport’s mutant wave, with local charger Bobby Okvist

  1. Don’t go right. …
  2. Stay away from the jetty. …
  3. Be aware of other people. …
  4. Hold on as long as possible if you decide to pack a closeout. …
  5. Be respectful to the locals, especially the bodysurfers and bodyboarders.

Is the Newport wedge open?

The Newport and Balboa Piers are open from 5 a.m. until midnight. Restaurants are located on both piers and their hours may vary.

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