What is a deep dive in business?

What is the definition of a deep dive?

: an exhaustive investigation, study, or analysis of a question or topic A deep dive into 2018 congressional transcripts found that female representatives spent more than twice as much time on health care in their speeches as male legislators did.—

What is the deep dive approach?

Deep Dive was coined as a combination of brainstorming, prototyping, and feedback loops merged into an approach that executives use with teams to help develop solutions. Originally it was developed by IDEO for rapid product development. … This helps learn about the product, service, and/or process.

Is deep dive a business word?

The term “deep dive” doesn’t necessarily have to refer to the business world either – you can do a deep dive into just about anything that requires that a decision be made. For instance, you could do a “deep dive” into which car you should buy or what color you should paint your house.

Why does everyone say deep dive now?

Let’s get to the bottom of it. Deep dive has recently taken on the meaning of “a thorough examination of a subject or topic.” It currently is often found when describing a piece of journalism of a certain gravity or comprehensiveness.

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What do you put in a deep dive?

Deep Dive – A five-step process

  1. Understand the market/ client/ technology and constraints (internal & External SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis and PRIMO-F analysis)
  2. Observe real people in real situations.
  3. Visualise new-to-the-world concepts and ultimate customers.
  4. Evaluate and refine prototypes.

What do you look for in a deep dive?

According to inspectors, there are six key parts.

  • Discussing curriculum plans. This stage happens before the deep dives. …
  • Meeting curriculum and subject leaders. Inspectors usually need to talk in more depth about a chosen deep dive subject with the subject leader. …
  • Observing learning. …
  • Work scrutiny. …
  • Talking to children.

What is a deep dive review?

The Project Deep Dive Review is a broad and deep presentation & discussion involving project leaders, program management, and senior leaders. It serves to accurately convey information about a project’s plans, the progress in executing those plans, and the prognosis for success.

What does deep dive mean in marketing?

Deep dive methodology – Deep-Dive™ is the name of a technique used to rapidly immerse a group or team into a situation for problem solving or idea creation. This approach is often used for brainstorming product or process development.

What is the opposite of a deep dive?

»shallow analysis exp.analyze, shallow, depthless. 3. »shallow parsing exp.analyze, shallow, depthless. 3. »superficial analysis exp.analyze, shallow, depthless.

Which is the deepest diver bird?

The greatest depth accurately measured for any bird is 564 metres (1,850 feet) by an emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) off eastern Antarctica.

Which means almost the same as detail?

The words item and particular are common synonyms of detail.

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