Quick Answer: Is there snorkeling in the Mediterranean?

Are there any coral reefs in the Mediterranean?

Occupying 1.1 percent of the surface of the world’s oceans and 0.3 percent of all salt water, the Mediterranean no longer shelters the great coral reefs that thrived 60 million years ago. … However, even today this sea harbors a spectacular array of corals, including some which are not found anywhere else.

Why is there no coral in Greece?

Only these were not gorgeous natural reefs built up over centuries but plastic bags, stuck to the golden Aegean seabed since a landfill crumbled into the water eight years ago. …

Does Santorini have good snorkeling?

Snorkel diving trips in Santorini

Get amazed by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea! Snorkel diving in Santorini is a great way to explore the island’s sea and enjoy watching aquatic life below the surface, a perfect activity for all the family members, over 5 years old.

Does Italy have coral reefs?

NEW CORAL REEF DISCOVERED IN ITALY – DIVE Magazine. Scientists have recently discovered a new coral reef near the city of Monopoli, in the region of Puglia, on the Adriatic coast of south-east Italy – the first known coral reef found in Italian waters in modern times.

Are there coral reefs in Portugal?

But the Portuguese island’s largest trove of natural treasure is underwater with almost one million square kilometers of largely unexplored coral reefs which are being investigated by a team of experts from the University of the Azores aboard the Esperanza vessel owned by Greenpeace.

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