Question: Is rafting the Royal Gorge dangerous?

Has anyone ever died at Royal Gorge?

DENVER — A 44-year-old woman plummeted 400 feet to her death from an observation deck overlooking the Royal Gorge canyon in the mountains of south-central Colorado, authorities said on Wednesday.

What class rapids are in the Royal Gorge?

The Royal Gorge is a serious section of river facing Class III-V Rapids. The half-day trip is not a suitable introduction for beginners. The full-day trip starts in Bighorn Canyon giving beginners an appropriate introduction to rafting before facing the intermediate to advanced section of the Royal Gorge.

How hard is Royal Gorge Rafting?

The extreme Royal Gorge rafting offers huge waves, steep technical drops, plunges up to 65 feet per mile, and almost continuous rapids in a narrow gorge with canyon walls over 1,000 feet tall!

Has anyone died whitewater rafting?

Here are some widely accepted statistics compiled by American Whitewater researcher Laura Whitman in 1998.

Deaths by Sport.

Activity Fatalities per 100,000 Episodes
Whitewater Kayaking 2.9
Recreational Swimming 2.6
Bicycling 1.6
Whitewater Boating/Rafting 0.86

Has anyone jumped off the Royal Gorge Bridge?

Between March and May 2012, three people committed suicide by jumping off the bridge. The average number of suicides in the previous twelve years had been one per year according to the general manager for the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

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How much does it cost to walk across the Royal Gorge Bridge?

Admission. Everything I mentioned is included in the admission, currently $29 for adults 13+ and $24 for children 6-12. For an extra charge for each activity, you can enjoy the Royal Rush Skycoaster, the Cloudscraper Zipline by ZipRider, and the Royal Gorge Via Ferrata.

What do you wear for Royal Gorge Rafting?

Although not all companies offer free gear use, we feel as though it is an essential option for both your safety and comfort. Not only is the gear free, it is all top of the line! Royal Gorge Rafting requires helmets on all stretches of river although in areas your guide may let you take them off.

Can you white water raft in April in Colorado?

Colorado’s whitewater rafting season runs from late April through mid September. We recommend guests looking for the ultimate Colorado whitewater rafting experience to book a trip from June – August, though early and late season conditions can still be a ton of fun!

Where is the Royal Gorge?

Is whitewater rafting scary?

Whitewater rafting can be scary to some. Frightening, daunting, or terrifying even. … But after so many whitewater rafting trips, the fear quickly turns into thrill and excitement.