Question: How deep can a Shearwater dive?

What do shearwaters look like?

It has a long slender bill, a slender head and a longish neck. Its tail is short and rounded. In flight it has a cuciform shape, with its feet trailing slightly behind its tail. This bird can also be called King or New Zealand Mutton Bird, Sombre Petrel or Shearwater.

Do shearwaters fly at night?

Many species spend the day feeding out at sea and only return to their nests at night. Some species, like the short-tailed shearwater, gather together in the afternoon before flying ashore at dusk.

How long do shearwaters live for?

Short-tailed Shearwater are migratory ocean birds. They usually have a lifespan of 15–19 years, but can live up to 38 years. Each year they travel around 15,000 kilometres to the Arctic and then return to South Australia during summer.

Do mutton birds mate for life?

Muttonbirds mate for life. They return each year to their place of birth. When they’ve reached maturity, they seek out their life partner and begin house hunting. Once they’ve found that perfect unoccupied burrow to call their own, they will return to it year after year to lay their single egg.

Do gannets eat a lot?

Its name is a byword for greed, but it seems the gannet is not such a glutton as we thought. A study has found that, despite the seabird’s reputation for having a huge appetite, it does not steal rivals’ food.

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Do shearwaters have webbed feet?

Shearwaters measure between 15 to 25 inches (38–64 cm) in length; and have a wingspan of 2 to 2 1/2 feet (60–75 cm) from tip to tip. They are generally drab colored; with sooty grey, brown or black upper parts and whitish underparts. They have short legs, webbed feet, and large hooked beaks with tubular nostrils.