Is scuba diving safe in Andaman?

What is the minimum age for scuba diving in Andaman?

The minimum age to dive in Andaman is 10 years.

How much does scuba diving cost in Andaman?

Scuba diving in Andaman price ranges between INR 3500 and 6500 as per the season. Scuba diving rates in Andaman vary as per the level of course selected by the person.

Is it safe to swim in the Andaman Sea?

Though Andaman water is generally safe for swimming and looks inviting, it also has some potentially dangerous marine animals, which may come in conflict due to mistaken identity such as prey or to defend their territory. … Do not swim in Protected Areas to avoid dangerous animals.

What should I not miss in Andaman?

5 things you should not miss doing in the Andaman Islands

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  • Scuba diving. …
  • A banana boat ride. …
  • A glass-bottom boat ride. …
  • Parasailing at Havelock Island. …
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  • Sea walking.

Is Andaman better than Bali?

Go ahead! Talking about Bali vs Andaman, I would say the latter is more peaceful. Away from the honking cars, traffic jams, noisy parties, and bustling city life, Andaman is a place you must visit if you are searching for deep tranquillity.

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Are there sharks in Andaman?

The diversity of sharks occurring off the Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago in India has received increased attention in recent years. … These records increase the reported shark species for the archipelago from 47 to 59 and for India from 114 to 116.

Is Havelock island expensive?

Food in Havelock, though more expensive than Port Blair is still very affordable. A basic meal for 2 would cost around INR 400 and at a luxury resort about INR 1,400. A candlelight dinner for two costs about INR 5,000. Thus a day in Havelock could cost anywhere between INR 2,500 to INR 10,000 per person.

Is diving harder than swimming?

According to swimmers, swimming is more difficult than diving. “It is more difficult. You have to have good gymnastic skills and balance to dive, but swimming is 10-times more endurance and technique and you have to have speed,” Buresh said.

Can I snorkel if I can’t swim?

The short answer is yes, doing it right non-swimmers can snorkel! Once understanding this, a shallow waters area is needed to offer the briefing, where non- swimmers feel safe and open to listening to any instruction. In Total Snorkel Cancun, we offer a useful briefing/lesson before getting on board.

Can you teach yourself to scuba dive?

Independent study using PADI Open Water Diver digital learning program (eLearning) takes about eight hours. In-water work, including pool training and open water dives, can be completed in just a few days. … The goal is for you to learn how to be a safe, confident diver and feel comfortable in the water.

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