How much is the helmet diving in Boracay?

How deep is helmet diving in Boracay?

You will be submerged into the sea, which is about 5 meters deep or about 16 feet from the water surface. The helmet is pressurized to keep the water from coming in. The helmet weights about 35 kg above water and about 2 kg underwater.

Are diving helmets safe?

Helmet diving is one of the safest and easiest way to explore the underwater. This activity allows one to walk on the ocean floor without getting their head wet. No scuba certification, no previous diving or swimming experience is required for the activity.

Is Boracay good for diving?

Boracay is more famous for its beautiful beaches than for its diving. There are also more challenging dive sites like Yapak and Camia reserved for experienced divers because of the depth and current. … You can see there pelagic fishes such as Barracudas, Dogtooth Tunas, Trevallies.

How much is the island hopping in Boracay?

Island hopping costs about Php600–Php2,000 depending if you’re a small or large group and if you want lunch included in the trip. If your group wants to travel with other tourists but doesn’t want to pay for the food, the rate is Php600 per person; but if you want the food included, the rate is Php800 per person.

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Do you need to know how do you swim for helmet diving?

With both helmet diving and B.O.S.S., knowing how to swim is not necessary, you’ll be able to breathe normally in your helmet and you won’t go deeper than 10 feet underwater. There are a few differences between helmet diving and B.O.S.S. however.

Are there sharks in Boracay?

Yes, there are sharks in the coastal waters of Boracay,and not just in the Yapak Cave area. They can be seen “loitering” in the 40 metre deep areas.

Is SeaTREK safe?

Is helmet diving safe? SeaTREK has been in business since 1999, and over 3 million guests have participated in a guided underwater TREK. Tours are conducted and supervised by certified and insured SeaTREK Guides. SeaTREK helmet diving equipment is made in the USA of the highest quality components.