How do you remove a jet ski from a floating dock?

How do you remove a water floating dock?

To pull dock sections out of the water, use 2″ x 8″ boards, place them on the ground to create a ramp on which you will slide the docks. The layer of algae or seaweed that will have formed under the floats will help you lift them out of the water.

Do you need to remove a floating dock?

Floating Docks

If they answer “on legs” the answer is simple, “No, standing docks HAVE to be removed before ice forms on the body of water”. … If your waterfront is sheltered from ice movement, this is the ideal condition that allows for your floating dock to stay in the lake over the winter.

Can you tow a floating dock?

Though we provide a number of anchoring accessories to meet your needs, our docks can easily be towed across the water. As this video demonstrates, just hook up rope lines behind a small boat to move it from one location to another.

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