How do you make a Wakesurf wave longer?

How do you get more push Wakesurf?

You redirect the flow of water and create the wave shape you want on a specific side of the boat based on rider preference. Adjusting your wake plate to a higher position tends to increase the size of your wave and give you more push.

Where does the wake shaper go?

The Wake Shaper should be placed slightly below the waterline (fully submerged). You can play with the distance from the back of the boat to fine-tune the wave to your preferred length and height.

Can you use 2 wake shapers?

It’s stacking multiple wake shapers on the opposite surf side of the boat. See the image below for an example. Every inboard boat hull is different so your stacked setup of wake shapers could look entirely different. … You may not see enough difference on your specific boats wake to justify adding 2 or 3 wake shapers.

Can you Wakesurf behind a bowrider?

Inboard boats, including direct drives and V-drives, are the only types of boats you can safely wakesurf behind. … To recap, you should ONLY wakesurf behind an inboard board, never behind an outboard or inboard/outboard (stern drive) due to the risk of making contact with the propeller and the proximity of the exhaust.

How much ballast do you need to surf?

Your going to be in between 10 and 12mph. The more weight you add to your boat the faster you’ll be able to go. Having a faster wave will make tricks especially getting air much easier. In our current boat a 2009 MasterCraft X-2, we add an addtional 1500-2200 pounds of ballast, including voice activated ballast.

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