How do you get messy surfer hair?

What causes surfer hair?

Surfers spend hours out on the water, either just floating, or paddling, or being challenged bigger and bigger water swells. The natural state of hair in the ocean is to be wet. … Also, hair is being clobbered by the rays of the sun, so the combination of salt water and the rays of the sun will lighten hair naturally.

How do I make my hair shaggy?

The basic shaggy style is an easy one to do at home. Use a medium to large barrel curling iron to put two curls in the crown, once cool use your fingers to fluff them up and a pick or comb to place them where you want them do the same with rest of hair and use a texturizing product for definition.

How do surfers wear their hair?

Tying up your hair before surfing is the best way to keep it out of your face, but will encourage tangling and dreading. To prevent this, surf with your hair down or tie it into a braid.

Do surfers wash their hair?

After getting out of the water, the best most surfers manage is a 10-second rinse in fresh water to move some of the salt around and a towel dry before heading off for breakfast/work/first date/etc. … Jesse Neushul, surfer in Isla Vista, California: The whole point of beach hair is that you don’t do anything.

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Why do all surfers have curly hair?

The minerals in ocean water such as chloride, sodium, magnesium, and sulfate increase the cross-links between hair proteins, thus curving your hair and increasing its wavy look. This, along with the added attraction of salt crystals, is the reason that it is so common for surfers to have wavy hair.