How do I get raft zipline parts?

How do you get the third zipline part in the raft?

You need to light up the rocket in order to find the third zipline part. To light up the rocket you need explosive powder. If you don’t have explosive powder, you can just kill a pufferfish, get explosive goo and cook them in furnance. Once you light up the rocket, check in which direction it is going.

Can you make ziplines in raft?

Zipline is an Other item in Raft.


Plank 5
Rope 5
Bolt 1

How do I get to the infirmary in the raft?

The infirmary holds a number of Healing Salves as well as the Mayor’s Chest Key. To access the infirmary, the player has to get the key from the bottom of the ocean inside a container. It’s easy to find, as the bicycle pump’s pipe found beneath the Container Tower leads directly to the container in question.

Does raft have a creative mode?

Creative. Unlimited supplies and health, allowing you to not focus on surviving but on building. This mode allows the player to create the raft of their dreams without having to gather any Materials. Everything can be crafted for free and is learned from start.

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How do they put up ziplines?

At their most basic, ziplines are simply cables connected between two points that slope downward. Passengers are fitted with a body harness that clips into the cable via a pulley. These pulleys are designed to reduce friction, allowing the rider to accelerate down the line at grin-inducing speeds.

How do zip lines work?

A zip line works mostly through gravity, with you starting at a high point on the platform and then riding a cable system down to a lower point. Less friction between the pulley and cable increases your terminal velocity so you can ride quickly. The zip line will include brakes as well so you can come to a safe stop.

Where is the mayors office in raft?

Summary. The Mayor’s Chest Key can be found inside the infirmary on the table. The infirmary is located on the island with Mudhogs.

How do you unlock a metal detector raft?

You will find the metal detector blueprint in the caravan town. While trying to find the second zipline part, you need to go deep underground till you find a blue container. Inside the container will be the blueprint of the metal detector.