Can you surf in Santorini?

Is there any surf in Greece?

Greece is an ideal destination for surfing all year round. … Greece is surrounded by three seas and boasts over 10,000 miles of coastline across its 6,000 islands. Because of this rich natural environment, locals and visitors are getting increasingly amped about surfing.

Do Greek beaches have waves?

Yes, they said, Greece is surrounded by three seas and boasts nearly 10,000 miles of coastline and about 6,000 islands and islets that could be suitable for surfing. But this is the Mediterranean — too sheltered for wind and water to produce waves any bigger than a foot or two, none of which would be surfable.

Can you learn to surf in Greece?

Beginners can take lessons from the many surf schools on the island, while pros have one of the largest selections of beaches to choose from in Greece. Chrissi Akti, which is known as the Golden Coast, Paleochora, and Falasarna Beach are all popular places to go surfing.

Where are the best waves in Greece?

The Best Spots for Surfing in Greece

  1. Kolymbithres, Tinos. There’s plenty of reason to visit the island of Tinos, with this lesser-known Greek island a real treasure of the Cyclades. …
  2. Keros, Limnos. …
  3. Arkassa beach, Karpathos. …
  4. Messakti, Ikaria. …
  5. Agios Theologos beach, Kos. …
  6. Lagouvardos beach, Messinia.
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Is there surfing in Mykonos Greece?

Our favourite island is very popular among the surfing community. … Here are the best surfing beaches together with our picks for your stay in Mykonos luxury villas. FTELIA. Ftelia is the northernmost beach of Mykonos island famous for its wind.

Is there surfing in Athens?

Best surf spots in Athens

The best surf spots are Agios Dimitrios, Agios Ioannis, Camp, Liani Ammos, Madonna Beach, Thanos Beach, Varkiza Beach and Vrolimmos Beach.

What are the Greek islands?

Islands of Greece by size

Island Area (sq. miles)
1 Crete 3,219
2 Euboea 1,417
3 Lesbos 630
4 Rhodes 541

Can you surf in Kefalonia?

Ammes Beach Kefalonia Surf Guide

Surfable in an onshore breeze Usually gets local windswells, but groundswells do happen and the ideal wave direction is from the south southwest. The point break provides left and right handers. Surfable at all stages of the tide. Crowds are never a problem here.