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Whitsunday Dive Adventures PADI coursesWhitsunday Dive Adventures have been involved in the diving industry in the Whitsundays for over 10 years. Our primary mission is to conduct High Quality Dive Courses, in small numbers (maximum 4 students) with a high degree of emphasis placed on the student’s Safety, Knowledge and Competency. That’s the reason why Whitsunday Dive Adventures is your Dive Academy!


We don’t just do Dive Courses! We specialise in them!

Our dive courses are structured to keep you focused and entertained from start to finish! Ensuring you gain the highest level of understanding and competency, in both the practical and theory aspects of diving.

There is plenty of time to ask questions, practice skills to perfection and at times even put your feet up and relax taking in the scenery of our beautiful tropical island, as we don’t have the time constraints many dive student’s encounter when doing their course on a vessel.

Our Dive Instructor’s go beyond the Course!

Whitsunday Dive Adventures employs a team of 8 to 10 highly experienced PADI Instructors with certification levels from OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor) to PADI Course Director (the highest instructor level available) and each one has her/his special interests. Some of them LOVE to work with children, some have extra interest in environment and Marine Biology and some rather do beginner level courses but most important… all of them are passionate divers and Instructors. We pick our instructors very carefully so this unique variety of interests is always available and our team stays extraordinary.

Our Dive Instructors are not just there to teach Diving. Their experience and knowledge is also shared. For example practical advice on Diving Equipment and what may best suit you, based on your strength, size, shape, and the type of diving that you intend to do after qualification…
Learning to scuba dive with Whitsunday Dive Adventures is an excellent choice. The diversity of marine life, coral reefs, islands, all within the protected waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, which guarantees you a colour filled class room for dive education.

Our professional and experienced dive instructors will take pleasure in guiding you through your education, using the PADI system. PADI is the largest and most recognised dive organisation in the world. We have small group and class sizes, delivering a higher rate of personal attention in a fun filled and friendly environment.

You can wait for the future, or learn Scuba Diving with us!

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